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Plenty to do right here at Leaning Palm Resort

Perched on a pristine beach, Leaning Palm Resort brings you a true taste of all things Belize. Walk out your cozy bungalow to:

  • Fishing from the dock, our beach or the Manatee Bar River
  • Swimming in the Caribbean Sea
  • Kayaking the lagoons and Caribbeansea
  • Spotting manatees, turtles and other wildlife
  • Birdwatching
  • Lounging in a hammock
  • Sipping a creative cocktail on the deck of Wild Canes Bar & Grill
  • Enjoying games and views in the Gumbo Limbo Lounge

Belize vacation with private beach, beachfront bungalows, acclaimed local cuisine, knowledgeable guides and adventure packages.  Book your Belize Adventure TODAY!

Your Gateway to Belize!

​Make our comfortable beachfront resort your jumping off point for your Belize Vacation! Located in the center of the country’s coastline, you can partake in Adventure Packages that include fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, caving or just relaxing at a private beachfront resort.

​"My wife and I are not big "Resort" people and when we head somewhere tropical we're always seeking that secluded feel, and this was definitely the best we found so far. "
​                     ~
John and Stacy, Aulstralia

Leaning Palm Resort Bungalows on the Beach