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Newly constructed for comfort, convenience and amazing views, our beach bungalows afford both privacy and instant access to a pristine beach. You can be as relaxed or energized as you like, surrounded by all the luxuries of a modern resort: plump pillows, sumptuous private baths and the lively Wild Canes just a short walk from home.  Stay at one of the best new Belize hotels ~ Book your All Inclusive Vacation Package TODAY!

Bushstick Bungalow
Rather than slash and burn, we retrieved fallen trees from building the resort to construct all of the furnishings in Bushstick Bungalow, including the vanity, shelving, desk and headboards. 

There is a stand-alone queen bed as well as a built-in bunk featuring a queen and twin bed. All mattresses and bedding are new, and each bed is surrounded by netting. Lighting and outlets are integrated into the headboards so you never have to get up to retrieve your cell phone or to turn in for the night. Hardwood floor, ceiling fan, privacy window coverings and a spacious private bath with shower. A private deck with sitting chairs and an ocean view is right out your front door!   

Maximum Occupancy 5 Persons ~ Bedding: 2 Queens, 1 Twin

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"Once in a while you experience something that so far exceeds your expectations that it’s difficult to express how remarkable and marvelous the experience actually was."
~Curt and Dede, Florida, USA

"Leaning Palms Resort is a quiet and breathtaking place to enjoy a relaxing break and explore the wonders of Belize."

~Peter and Mary, Illinois, USA

Bamboo Bungalow
Gales Point artisans crafted this bungalow's furnishings from the bamboo that readily grows along local rivers. Decorated in greens, browns and splashes of purple, this bamboo bungalow shines! Surround netting falls over a new queen-sized bed, and ceiling fans cool the room. There is shelving, a desk and a safe for storing valuables. Hardwood floor, privacy window coverings and large bath with beautiful glass bowl sink and shower accented with glass tiles.   

​Max Occupancy 2 Persons 

info@leaningpalmresort.com ~ USA 720-235-8386 ~ Belize +501-651-6864 ~ Near Gales Point Manatee village in Belize

"This was hands down the best trip of our lives!" 
~Holly and Phil, Wisconsin, USA

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"There was an atmosphere of tranquility where you really felt like you could unwind and relax." 

~Josie, United Kingdom

Driftwood Bungalow
Nature is the artist in the Driftwood Bungalow where logs and other wood that wash ashore have been utilized to create most of the furnishings. There is a stand-alone queen bed with new mattress and bedding  surrounded by netting. Lighting is made from repurposed fishing buoys and integrated into the headboards so you never have to get up to retrieve your cell phone or to turn in for the night. Hardwood floor, ceiling fan, privacy window coverings and an artistic private bath with shower complete the bungalow. 

Max Occupancy 2 Persons

"…..totally worth it because of the secluded location. As far as you can see up and down the beach, there is nothing but palm trees and jungle. We felt like we had our own private deserted island. " 
~Ryan and Michelle, California, USA

A boy snorkels at the Belize barrier reef among colorful corals and tropical fish. Belize Vacation Packages

"What an absolute gem! Leaning Palm is like an oasis in the middle of the true wild & natural Belize."
~Mike and Leslie, Colorado, USA

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Leaning Palm Resort Bungalows on the Beach