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"....can't believe what a life-changing experience this was.  The trips into the jungle and the adventures were a thrilling experience.  The guides and all the staff were incredible!  Thank you Leaning Palm Resort!"

~Rachel and Zach, Florida, USA

Cave Tubing

Your journey takes you through a series of caves, each filled with fascinating discoveries. Learn where the Maya worshiped, sacrificed, and got their sacred water from.  Hike across the clear blue Caves Branch River and along a trail heading upstream alongside the river. Your guide will point out interesting aspects of the local flora & fauna.  You’ll set yourself afloat through a series of caverns which periodically open up to the sunshine & jungle. Your guide will occasionally point out various Maya artifacts. 

Zip Lining

​Enjoy a birds-eye view while “flying” over the river and trees. After a 10-minute nature walk to the main platform, your guides will fit you in a harness and secure you to the main cable. A guide will be waiting at every station to assist in landing and taking off.

Jaguar Paw Zip Line and Cave Tubing 

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