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"The food is amazing! And at our request, was very considerate of our gluten and dairy sensitivities. Thoughtful and delicious. " 

~ Ryan and Michelle, California, USA

"The hosts went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable. They and did an amazing job on the meals and gave us great tips on local activities." 

~ Cary and Tauna, Colorado, USA

delicious local cuisine and our wonderful guests enjoying Wild Canes Bar & Grill.  In need of a Belize All Inclusive vacation?  

"OMG, the food was amazing! I tried stuff I don't normally eat and enjoyed it!!" 

~ April & Jim, Arkansas, USA

"Everything was top notch... especially the outstanding food and drinks, comfortable,cozy and comfortable bungalow, lovely and clean beach front property with spectacular views, artistic and interesting decor everywhere, plus friendly and devoted staff and owners! " 

~ Ken and Julie, Texas, USA

"I don’t know how they do it , everything is fresh and the detail to her cooking is a culinary delight." 

~ Tim and Camille, North Carolina, USA

"Great place with food that is out of this world!" 

~ Tom and Yen, Minnesota, USA

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