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Explore Rivers and Lagoons

Mystical Manatee River Run Kayaking Adventure

Immerse yourself deep in the jungle and explore the secrets of its waterways via a nimble kayak. You and your experienced local guide will put in at the Manatee River Bridge and travel the Manatee River all the way down to the Southern Lagoon. Along the way, you may spot howler monkeys, turtles, tapir and gibnut as you peacefully float through seas of bamboo and water lilies. Enjoy a gourmet lunch on the river. At the Southern Lagoon, you’ll trade your kayak for a ride in our cruise boat. After a stop at Manatee Spring to meet the local manatee celebrities, you’ll head back to Leaning Palm Resort for happy hour.  

Three Lagoon Explorer and Gales Point Village Kayak Adventure

Launch your kayak a short distance from Leaning Palm Resort into beautiful Buttonwood Lagoon for a journey through verdant lagoon waterscapes and peek in on local wildlife in their natural habitat. With the help of a local guide, you’ll venture into the lagoon’s many tributaries to the sights and sounds of parrots, toucans, exotic birds (nearly 600 species call Belize home), turtles, rays, butterflies, fish and friendly manatees. Then, you’ll travel to Gales Point Manatee Village to explore the town’s market and lunch on local cuisine at family-run Gentile’s Cool Spot. We’ll meet you at the edge of the Southern Lagoon for Jeep transport back to Leaning Palm Resort in time for happy hour.

A Unique and Varied Waterscape.
Immerse yourself in our unique environment surrounded by manatee filled lagoons, rivers flowing through the lush rainforest and the turquoises of the Caribbean Sea whether by kayak or our comfortable cruise boat docked at Leaning Palm Resort.  Experience the breathtaking and lush Belize coastline (bring your camera!), paddle through mangrove lined lagoons in a peaceful nature paradise surrounded by the sights and sounds of the jungle. With the help of a knowledgeable local guide, you’ll glimpse colorful birds, howler monkeys, turtles and manatees.  Visit Gales Point Manatee Village to meet the locals and settle down for a delicious lunch at a favorite family-owned restaurant, Gentile’s Cool Spot. 

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Southern Lagoon Explorer
With our cruise boat as home base, you’ll explore the Southern Lagoon starting with the scenic Manatee Bar River.  You and your local guide will wander up Black Water Creek and Lagoon teeming with tropical birds and exotic fish. You’ll dock for a short walk to Ben Loman Cave, where you’ll discover an amazing collection of stalagmites and stalactites. After a gourmet lunch, you’ll venture back on board our cruise boat for a stop at Manatee Spring before returning for happy hour at Leaning Palm Resort.

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