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Belize is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world. There are several distinct cultures in Belize, some say as many as ten! It is one of the things that makes Belize such a special and diverse place! Leaning Palm Resort offers tours that explore two of these distinct cultures.

The nearby village of Gales Point Manatee is populated by descendants of Africans who worked as slaves to the logwood and mahogany industries. Classified as Creole, the village reflects a mix of British culture and African tradition. At Gales Point Manatee Village, the traditional Creole way of life manifests in many culinary traditions, festivals and music.  

The Maya were first inhabitants in what is now Belize with a distinct culture. Belize was an important part of the great Maya Empire, which was possibly the most sophisticated civilization in the ancient Americas. The Maya left behind temples, dwellings, pots, fire rings and other signs of their culture – all waiting to be discovered in the jungles and caves of modern Belize. Explore the ruins and the underworld of Xibalba and discover the Maya.

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Discover Belize Culture

Maya Immersion Tour
The Maya Empire reached its peak around the sixth century A.D. and suddenly disappeared around 900 A.D. This ingenious society left behind impressive architecture, symbolic artwork and religious artifacts that give us clues to the advanced Maya culture.
You’ll depart Leaning Palm Resort in our comfortable jeep for Xunantunich (“Stone Woman”), with its monumental Maya plaster friezes and elaborate stone carvings. The most continuously excavated site in the country, Xunantunich still claims the 2nd tallest man-made structure in Belize.  After lunch explore the hilltop of Cahal Pech. This Maya ruin boasts seven interconnected plazas and 34 structures, including temple pyramids, recreational courts and an altar. You’ll end the afternoon with a swim at the Blue Hole.

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A Maya frieze carved into the side of a Maya temple in the rain forest. Belize Adventure Tours!
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Three Lagoon Explorer and Gales Point Village

​Launch your kayak a short distance from Leaning Palm Resort into beautiful Buttonwood Lagoon for a journey through verdant lagoon waterscapes and peek in on local wildlife in their natural habitat. With the help of a local guide, you’ll venture into the lagoon’s many tributaries to the sights and sounds of parrots, toucans, exotic birds (nearly 600 species call Belize home), turtles, rays, butterflies, fish and friendly manatees. Then, you’ll travel to Gales Point Manatee Village to explore the town’s market and lunch on local cuisine at family-run Gentile’s Cool Spot. We’ll meet you at the edge of the Southern Lagoon for Jeep transport back to Leaning Palm Resort in time for happy hour.

A Creole man throws a net out to catch bait for a fishing outing. One of the best Belize hotels to experience traditional Creole culture.
A recently excavated tomb at Xunantunich Ruins in Belize. Discover Belize Culture at Leaning Palm Resort, one of Belize District's Best Belize Hotels.
A guide helps a woman who has just rappelled down a waterfall in the Belize rain forest. Belize Jungle Adventure Tours
A landscape view of the Xunantunich Ruins set beautifully in the rain forest. Discover Belize Culture. One of Belize's Best Belize Resorts in a Secluded Setting.

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