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"Highly recommended if you love to enjoy Belize at its best, but without the crowds. We hope to go back soon!"

~Guilliame and Denielle, Netherlands

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Did you know that chocolate, and its main ingredient the cacao bean, were a symbol of being an elite and also a means of money for the Maya’s?  Jump back in time with your Maya guide who will reveal the history of this important commodity and learn the secrets to delicious chocolate making Maya style. 

You will tour the farm where the cacao is grown before taking the traditional mano and metate (better known as the Mayan grind stone) and learn the process from bean to chocolate. 

After your chocolate tour opt to pick up a tube and float along the meandering South Stann Creek enjoying the jungle landscape or take a hike through the spectacular tropical rain forest to a waterfall where you can jump in for a refreshing swim beneath the falls. 

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With 128,00 acres of rain forest and home to the world’s first jaguar preserve, Cockscomb is full of surprises. Take a short hike to the waterfall along the Ben’s Bluff trail watching for tapir, deer, spider monkeys and numerous species of birds. Rent a tube at the visitor center and float along the banks of the South Stann Creek listening for howler monkeys, or make the trek to Tiger Fern Falls stopping to admire Victoria Peak, Belize’s highest point, along the way. With so many trails to choose from, opportunities abound for a true rain forest adventure!

CocksComb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and Maya Chocolate Making

Cockscomb Basin is about a 90 minute drive from Leaning Palm Resort. We can supply trail maps, water, snacks and even a boxed lunch for your jungle adventure should you choose to explore the park on your own. Make Cockscomb a part of your Belize Vacation! ​

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