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Threnton, our guide for both excursions was wonderful. Born and raised in the nearby village, Threnton is kind, always smiling and a wealth of knowledge of the area and the best, secret fishing spots. 

~Richard, Colorado, USA

Prepare yourself for a day spent admiring the stunning Belize coastline, deep blue water and colorful ocean creatures.

"Once in a while you experience something that so far exceeds your expectations that it’s difficult to express how remarkable and marvelous the experience actually was."
~Curt and Dede, Winter Park, Florida

Our Most Popular Belize Adventure Tours

Intimate tours tailored to your small group.
As a small, independent resort, Leaning Palm caters to just nine guests at a time. That means we can tailor our tours to your interests, provide knowledgeable guides dedicated to your small group, heap on the hospitality and frequent natural wonders that no mass tour or cruise ship can touch. Our full-immersion tours are limited to four to eight adventurous guests.

With our Belize Adventure Tours you will enjoy truly one-of-a-kind experiences that you’ll remember for a lifetime!

All adventures can be included in packages, just inquire here for assistance with packages for your customized vacation in Belize.  

​If you do not purchase a package, tours are booked at a-la-cart pricing as listed.

"The boat and cave and lagoon tour was well worth it and our tour guides went above and beyond.  So kind and very knowledgeable.+
~Paloma and Jason, California, USA

At Leaning Palm Resort you have a rare opportunity to sample the real Belize with our adventure tours.  Within a short drive or ride on our private cruise boat, you can discover cave tubing, hidden waterfalls, Belmopan markets, riverside cook-outs and more led by local guides. We’ll take care of the details, so you can take in all sights and sounds of Belize.  

Explore manatee filled lagoons, hike through the Belize savannah and discover an amazing collection of stalagmites and stalactites!

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Launch your kayak into Buttonwood Lagoon and prepare to explore the rich lagoon eco-system spotting several species of birds, crocodiles, manatees and more!

"What a wonderful week! It doesn't get much better than this."
~Penny and Alan, Minnesota, USA

"This is a beautiful spot in the world, so glad we had the opportunity to spend time here.  The staff are all great and the meals were fantastic."
~Molly and Brian, USA

Adventures  in Belize - Tours at Leaning Palm Resort

"Our adventures were something to remember, from fishing, caving, snorkeling, boating, the weather, walking the savannah to see monkeys in their natural habitat……"
~Deb and Mike, New York, USA

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