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Experience the wind in your hair as you zip past cohune palms through the Bocawina jungle.  Attempt an exhilarating hike to the top of 1,000 foot Antelope falls and take the plunge down a 250ft rappel or simply enjoy a jungle hike to Bocawina falls for a swim.  Whatever your adventure level, Mayflower Bocawina Park is a wonderful place to enjoy the Belize Rainforest. 

Imagine the crunch of the jungle trail under your feet as you make your way to refreshing pool under a splashing waterfall.  Zip through the jungle landscape above the trees.  Approach the entrance to one of Belize's mysterious caves where the Mayan connected with the Underworld.  Belize is filled with lush jungle landscape perfect for horse back rides, cave tubing, hiking and so much more!  Let Leaning Palm Resort arrange transportation, guides and refreshments or take advantage of trail maps and let us suggest an adventurous road trip through the beauty of Belize's rainforest landscapes.  

Adventure in the Rainforest

Hiking Trails, Waterfalls and Caves - Belize Adventure Tours

Leaning Palm Resort can provide transportation to Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary.  Inquire here to learn more.

Caves played a very important role in the ancient Maya culture as they considered caves to be a supernatural realm where their deities and ancestors resided. Caves were the portal between the tangible human world and the invisible world of the gods, a place called xibalba. It was here that the Mayas performed their most sacred rituals and ceremonies. Put a visit to a cave on your list of Belize Adventure Tours!

St Hermans Blue Hole National Park is a gem in the middle of Belize and home to both St Hermans Cave and Crystal Cave as well as the interior Blue Hole, a cenote perfect for cooling off with a swim in the afternoon after a day of caving.  One can choose to float through St. Hermans Cave or take the Crystal Cave challenge to discover a rarely seen underworld of formations and artifacts from the ancient Mayan civilization.  Combine a morning of exploring the upper reaches of St Hermans cave and then cool off in the lower portion with Belize's famous cave tubing fun. 

Immerse yourself deep in the jungle and explore the secrets of its waterways via a nimble kayak. You and your experienced local guide will put in at the Manatee River Bridge and travel the Manatee River all the way down to the Southern Lagoon. Along the way, you may spot howler monkeys, turtles, tapir and gibnut as you peacefully float through seas of bamboo and water lilies. Enjoy a gourmet lunch on the river. At the Southern Lagoon, you’ll trade your kayak for a ride in our cruise boat. After a stop at Manatee Spring to meet the local manatee celebrities, you’ll head back to Leaning Palm Resort for happy hour.  

With 128,00 acres of rain forest and home to the world’s first jaguar preserve, Cockscomb is full of opportunity.   Take a short hike to the waterfall along the Ben’s Bluff trail watching for tapir, deer, spider monkeys and numerous species of birds.  Rent a tube at the visitor center and float along the banks of the South Stann Creek listening for howler monkeys or make the trek to Tiger Fern Falls stopping to admire Victoria Peak, Belize’s highest point, along the way.  With so many trails to choose from, opportunities abound for a true rain forest adventure!

ATM Cave  is one of the most impressive caves in Belize. Located in the heart of the Belizean Rain forest, this cave was a sacred place to the Mayan of Belize.  Here you will be exposed to the individual remains sacrificed to the gods of the underworld, artifacts just the way they were left by the Mayas hundreds of years ago, and beautiful stalactites, stalagmites, hollow stone curtains and stone cathedrals. The ATM is ranked as one of the Top Ten Caves Of The World by the National Geographic Society.  

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Our wranglers will give you an interesting, and often entertaining, commentary along the trail, highlighting on Belize's beauty, culture and history. We will transport you into the past to a world that the ancient Maya called home under the dense jungle canopy.

Your adventure begins at our stable after a brief training session. Then its time to hit the trail - passing through a citrus orchid and then wondering into the mysterious greens of the Tropical Rain Forest. Allow yourself to be engulfed by nature! Take a plunge into the clear cool water of the Sittee River!

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