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Seating in the on site restaurant, Wild Canes, at Leaning Palm Resort. The restaurant is set just off the Caribbean Sea shore line and tucked into palm trees and sea grapes. All Inclusive Packages Available

Three Lagoon Explorer and Manatee Village

"Thank you for a truly personal one of a kind life experience!"

~Fred and Ursula, Canada

A queen sized bed sits in the Driftwood Bungalow at Leaning Palm Resort. The room is furnished with hand made furniture crafted from logs that have washed ashore on our beach. Book your Belize Beach Vacation Today!

​Launch your kayak a short distance from Leaning Palm Resort into beautiful Buttonwood Lagoon for a journey through verdant lagoon waterscapes and peek in on local wildlife in their natural habitat. With the help of a local guide, you’ll venture into the lagoon’s many tributaries to the sights and sounds of parrots, toucans, exotic birds (nearly 600 species call Belize home), turtles, rays, butterflies, fish and friendly manatees. Then, you’ll travel to Gales Point Manatee Village to explore the town’s market and lunch on local cuisine at family-run Gentile’s Cool Spot. We’ll meet you at the edge of the Southern Lagoon for Jeep transport back to Leaning Palm Resort in time for happy hour to plan more adventure tours in Belize.

A school of blue trang swims through the colorful corals at the Belize barrier reef. Belize Adventure Tours Available!
Leaning Palm Resort Bungalows on the Beach