Leaning Palm Resort

​​​​​On the Beach, Near the Jungle, Far from the Crowd

Leaning Palm Resort | Gales Point, Belize | +1.7202358386

Intimate tours tailored to your small group.

As a small, independent resort, Leaning Palm caters to just nine guests at a time. That means we can tailor our tours to your interests, provide knowledgeable guides dedicated to your small group, heap on the hospitality and frequent natural wonders that no mass tour or cruise ship can touch. Our full-immersion tours are limited to four to eight adventurous guests.

Here, you have a rare opportunity to sample the real Belize.  Within a short drive or ride on our private cruise boat, you can discover cave tubing, hidden waterfalls, Belmopan markets, chocolate farming and more led by local guides. We’ll take care of the details, so you can take in all sights and sounds of Belize.  

These are truly one-of-a-kind experiences that you’ll remember for a lifetime!

Leaning Palm Resort Bungalows on the Beach