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"The whole staff…..you are all wonderful and these were the best four days ever!!!
~Holly and Phil, Wisconsin, USA

Belize Vacations filled with Relaxation and Adventure!

How you live your Belize vacation is up to you. Watch the stunning sunrise over the waves, or sleep in and have coffee delivered to your door whenever you like. Try our fresh pineapple salsa served over the catch of the day for lunch, or pick up a snack bag for your hike in the rainforest. Start happy hour with Belize's very own Belikin Beer, a glass of cashew wine made right in Gales Point village, or a unique cocktail inspired by the many fresh fruits available from local farms. Then, sit down on the veranda for a sumptuous dinner and good conversation as you plan tomorrow's Caribbean vacation adventure.

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​​​​​Caribbean vacations in Belize!

Caribbean Vacations in Beachfront Bungalows

Located on a pristine three-acre paradise, Leaning Palm Resort is surrounded by a thriving jungle and the Caribbean Sea. For your Caribbean vacation,, choose from three simple, well-appointed bungalows. All dot the beach, set among lush tropical greenery.  You can walk out your front door and onto the sand, with access to amazing snorkeling, fishing and jungle adventures to make your Belize vacation packages complete! Couples, friends and families are all welcome.

Fresh, Locally Sourced Menu

Wild Canes serves as your beachfront restaurant, bar and gathering spot. You'll sample delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, all homemade from fresh produce harvested locally. Wild Canes makes your Caribbean vacations, Belize vacations and Belize vacation packages perfect.

Leaning Palm Resort Bungalows on the Beach